Rooms and barriers

Barriers in Our Spaces


U7 Südstern (about 300 meters to xart splitta)
The U-Bahn station has a lift.
Cross the street
and then head towards Hermannplatz.

BVG information on the U-Bahn station Südstern is available online on the BVG website. 

U7 and U8 Hermannplatz (about 1 kilometer to xart splitta).
Hermannplatz has a lift.
The lift is often out of service.

Our address is:
xart splitta e.V.
Hasenheide 73
10967 Berlin

We are directly on Hasenheide.
Parking spaces are rarely available.



We have 2 entrances

    1. through the main door
    2. through the shop window

1. Entrance through the main door

Enter through the green metal gate.
Please ring the doorbell at the main entrance of the old building.
The doorbell is at a height of 1.40 meters.
The doorbell is illuminated.

Our office is on the ground floor to the left.
The doorbell for the office is at a height of 1.17 meters.

Ramp at the house entrance:
The ramp is 80 centimeters wide.
Length: 161 centimeters,
Height: 49 centimeters.
Slope about 17 degrees or 30 percent.

The ramp is permanently installed.
There is a wall on the right side.
The wall is covered with plastic and slippery.
The stairs are on the left side.

There are 3 steps to the office.
Each step is 17 centimeters high.

Door dimensions:

    • The door at the house entrance is 85 centimeters wide.
      The door has a second wing.
      We will help you open it.
      Then you can comfortably pass through with a wheelchair.
    • The doors in the office are at least 95 centimeters wide.


2. Entrance through the shop door

There is a small driveway between the fence and the underground car park.
Behind it is a direct access to our office.
If we are there,
you can see us through the window.
We will open the window door for you.

The entrance has 3 steps.
The steps are 15 cm, 15 cm, and 16 cm high.
The door is 88 centimeters wide and 2.11 meters high.



A strobe light and a sound warn in case of fire alarm.
The strobe light also indicates the doorbell.

There are signs for the way to the toilet and the emergency exit.
The signs are also in Braille.
It is pronounced: "Braille".
This is a tactile writing system for blind people.

In our hallway, there are posters and flyers.
You can take something for free.

In the common room, there are some work materials.
For example: a writing board.

Assistance dogs are welcome.
Please let us know in advance.
We also have a dog in the office.
The dog gets along well with people.
He needs to meet other dogs outside first.

If you have questions,
you can contact us at any time.
If you need assistance,
we will help you.


Facilities and Use by Guests

We often host other groups.
The groups can use our rooms for project work.
The kitchen can also be used.

If you want to use rooms,
you must register in advance.
Please send an email to:

We want to know from you:

  • Who is coming?
  • How many people are coming?
  • What does your group want to do with us?
  • When does your group want to come?

You can use our rooms for free.
We appreciate donations.
But: You have to pay a fee for the key.
The fee is 30 euros.
Also arrange the key return appointment.
When you return the key,
you will get the 30 euros back.

Both should work well.
Please ensure that.
It shows your respect for our work.

We give you our rooms,
because we support your project.

Our large common room is 4.5 meters wide and 9 meters long.
You can use our kitchen.
We usually have tea and coffee available.


Office Equipment

  • Projector with HDMI connection
    You need to bring your own cables and laser pointer.
  • Whiteboard
    This is a modern plastic writing board with film.
  • Flipchart
    This is a small writing board with paper.
  • Sound system with AUX connection

Kitchen Equipment

  • Tables, up to 30 chairs, 1 small sofa, and 3 armchairs
  • Glasses, cups, plates, and cutlery
  • Pans, pots
  • Bowls
  • Microwave and 2 hotplates


1Kann ich eure Räume nutzen? Was kostet das?
2Habt Ihr einen Beamer – auch für Mac-Rechner?
3Kann ich bei euch eine Kunst-Ausstellung machen?
4Habt ihr feste Öffnungs-Zeiten?
5Kann ich bei euch einen Tanzkurs machen?
6Kann ich den Garten nutzen?