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call for participation: photographs, paintings, collages, drawings, words … for a print project

trans_x_ing spaces | turning pages on the topic: deconstructing binary_genderings what do you as a trans_x_ing person find empowering in images? what would you like to share, what do you want to pin up on your walls or those of other trans_x_ed people? where and how do you position yourself? and what shows you that it is possible to live, understand, en_act and envision more than just femininity and masculinity? what are your images and visions about trans_x_ing space: deconstructing racism_classism_migratism_ableism in critically reflecting binary genderings? and_or: deconstructing binary genderings in reflecting ableism_classism_racism_migratism?

call for participation: spoken word, short films, performances, dance, music … for a performance project

trans_x_ing space: on de_constructions of binary_genderings what happens when binary constructions of gender are de_constructed and dismissed? what happens if i question_agitate_challenge either-ors in regard to binary gender regimes? how are racism_migratism_ableism_ classism considered in the deconstruction of binary genderings and how does a critique of ableism_racism_migratism_classism deconstruct binary genderings?
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