Austausch, Empowerment und Dialog zu Islam und Feminismen

das neue Programm druckfrisch!
das neue Programm druckfrisch!
das neue Programm druckfrisch!
das neue Programm druckfrisch!

von und für muslimische Feminist*innen und andere Interessierte.

Freitag, 25.11: Podiumsgespräch mit deutschen und internationalen Gästen (offen für alle).

Samstag, 26.11: Workshops, die Raum schaffen sollen für tiefergehende Diskussionen zu Islam und Feminismen (mit Anmeldung). Abends: Performances.

Sprachen: Englisch

hier findet Ihr unsere Pressemitteilung zur Veranstaltung auf Deutsch

Das Programm auf Englisch:

A search to create a platform for discussing diverse approaches and perspectives on Islam, feminisms, and Islamic feminisms. These will be discussed through analyzing current debates on the topic.  An important aspect will be the contextualization of concepts and theories, which deal with the ever-growing racist and anti-Muslim debate in Europe and worldwide, and the instrumentalization of women’s rights and gay rights to promote and legitimize anti-Muslim racism in Germany.

Friday, 25th of November

6 pm: lecture by Lana Sirri

Introducing the main ideas and approaches of Islamic feminisms

Panel Discussion on Strategies

We look at the different strategies Muslim feminists have developed to take a stand against this tendency and to empower themselves and others. The aim is to demonstrate how Islam and feminisms are not mutually exclusive concepts. The symposium is conceptualized as a space for the exchange of ideas, perceptions, and performances, in which the racist and discriminatory images of the Muslim are deconstructed.

8 pm: Spoken Word Performance

Fatima Moumouni

Spoken Word from the German Context

Saturday, 26th of November 

10 am: Workshop I

Ummah Intersections – Islam, Feminism and Queer Subjectivities
Quite often, discussions around social justice and rights for women and LGBTQI persons have been and are still used as pawns in political rhetoric that have an interest in perpetuating a vision of religious, cultural and civilizational clashes and in strengthening existing postcolonial economical/racial hierarchies. Globally, this plays out in a whole range of rhetorical tropes implying that the advancement of social justice and rights for women and LGBTQI-people is an essentially “Western” project, either envisioned positively as an achievement or negatively as a threat. In the current European context these tropes are highly prevalent in the context of racist rhetoric that use pinkwashing strategies to further marginalize already marginalized Muslim and/or PoC communities. the workshop will help us to dismantle the oppressive lies behind these tropes and look at examples of Queer Muslim activism from around the world to find inspiration to fight the challenges that we face within this socio-political climate. We will investigate alternative readings of religious sources and discover their liberating potential.  We will deconstruct repressive cultural discourses and find beauty in Queer Muslim history. This workshop will be set as a safeR space and is offered exclusively to queer people positioned as Black, People of Colour, otherwise affected by racism and allies.

Conducted by Saboura Naqshband and Leyla Jagiella

2 pm: Workshop II

Joint Struggles: Islamic Feminism, Palestine and Black Lives Matter

This workshop seeks to underline joint struggles of Muslim feminists, Palestine activists and the Black Lives Matter movement. What stereotypes and biases are they up against? How do diverse transnational emancipatory movements reconnect and deal with opportunities and challenges on an internal, state level and global level? This Wokshop is open for Black People, People of Colour and allies as well.

Conducted by Nahed Samour and Taghreed Yahia-Younis


Technische Universität Berlin

Institute for Architecture

Straße des 17. Juni 152, 10623 Berlin

Hall A151


The location is accessible for wheelchair users

Ernst Reuter Platz U2 (no Elevator), Buses M45, 245, X9

The Events will be held in English and are free of charge

The workshops are open to all those who are actively engaged in related topics and are designed for a limited number of active participants

Please register under:

With a few sentences regarding your motivation for taking part in the workshops

Deadline for registration: 20th Nov. 2016



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