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news november 2016
w_ort splitta – BuchGespräche zu diskriminierungskritischen Praxen
news november 2016
w_ort splitta – BuchGespräche zu diskriminierungskritischen Praxen

reclaim the beats

*Reclaim the Beats* is a festival with a focus on music genres created by Black, POC and queer people. These genres are House, Techno, Rock & HipHop. Each day will begin with films, workshops/discussions and end with concert performances from fresh modern day artists who are continuing the legacy. The purpose is to empower POC and Queer people and to further educate other participants in a media industry where the cis white male image dominates and controls access within these genres.


for updates please visit the festival homepage:

01  September –  Film, Discussion & Opening Concert Party

Welcome & Film: 20:00h
Concert: 21:45h
Location: Maze – Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin

Opening night of the festival, with short introduction from special guest eLBee Bad on the festival topic and goals. Afterwards a concert and after party.
Featured Artists: MoreBlackThenGod & Klaas von Karlos ;  DJ set by [móa] of Schellack Debakel

08  September – Lecture |  Q&A | Film

Film: 20:00h – From Jack to Juke: 25 Years of Ghetto House
Location:  Maze – Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin

Relationships in Racism
The Prince Of Dance Music eLBee BaD speaks on his experiences in the business of music, and the effects of not having white privileges. With several vinyl releases and performances over the last 20 years, this legend shares perspective on the difficult realities of being black in a white dominated business. Some topics will include: DJ Bookings, venue relations, record companies and distribution.
There will also be some short films and excerpts. We will close out with an open stage event for spoken word and HipHop soul from the community.

09 September – Concerts

Location: Wagenplatz Kanal –  Kiefholzstraße 74, 12057 Berlin  info
Live:  Carmel Zoum and more TBA

15  September – Panel Discussion

Time: 19:30h
Location: Maze – Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin

The Artist’s Role in Society #2– Creating and Re-Creating
A critical look at cultural appropriation, commodification, ownership and re-contextualisation in arts and music.
Who and what is affected? Who and what is allowed? How does usage and intent affect how we feel about it? With transnationalism within the arts being promoted from many corners, how do we keep creating with awareness, sensitively and integrity – or this is this an impossible position?
Moderated by Shanti Suki Osman

15 September – DJs @ Reclaim the Beats does Elektronischer Donnerstag

Location: SchwuZ – Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin
Come ready to have your energizer buttons activated. Claiming space from the oringinations of dance and beyond, you are guaranteed to sweat with this team of jockeys. Sweating guaranteed!
Sounds from eLBee BaD, Mike Starr and Ahmad Larnes from the group Schwarz Don’t Crack.

16 September – Concerts & Closing Party @ Reclaim the Beats does HOT TOPIC

Location: SchwuZ – Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin
LIVE: Valerie Renay and Sky Deep
DJs: Perera Elsewhere, Dis Fig, DJ Rimarkable,  Loganic Logan, RUI HO, and 6zm

Claiming the stage with boundary defying style we have two concerts followed by the HOT TOPIC resident DJs:
Dance Floors

Bang Bang Sha-Boom (House & Techno)
From neighborhood bands to ancient disco to analog machines to computer programs…We’re still doing it! We will bang the boxes to put the sha-boom in your bottom.

Boom Boom Bass (Beats)
Whatever circumstances have been forced on us, we always know how to make magic with what we got.  From beatboxing to stomp, clap, Rap … to glitch and grime.  Come shake your groove thang and a bit of that vogue vibe too!

Reclaim the Beats on FB:

Contact person and Project manager Reclaim the Beats: Sky Deep:,

Reclaim the Beats is a project of MSO Inklusiv! MSOinklusivneu_klein
MSO Inklusiv is a project by the Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg.

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