What is xart splitta?

xart splitta was founded in 2012 and is a non-profit association working in the fields of intersectionality, antidiscrimination, (postcolonial) memory, decoloniality & empowerment and (historical) political education. We work trans- and interdisciplinary at the intersections of research, arts and political practice. We offer a wide variety of formats ranging from workshops and consultations,  public discussions, conferences & symposia to art & cultural events. The connection of theory and praxis plays a central role in the development of our yearly programme.

The focus of xart splitta lies on the analysis of discriminatory structures and systems of opression within society and on the engagement with and (further) development of possible strategies and interventions against these structures. We follow an intersectional approach and rely in particular on Black Feminist Thought as well as post- and decolonial theory. We draw our inspiration from the relentless efforts of various basic political movements and organisations that – in Germany and beyond – past and present – are and have been active against interwoven violent structures and oppressive mechanisms. With our various events and formats we try to address different target groups and focus on the promotion and support of empowerment processes of both individuals and groups.

If you would like to know what exactly xart splitta does, have a look at our events and past events in the menu.

We also conduct workshops and trainings on the above mentioned topics. If you are interested, do get in touch!

You can find more about the team here

If you have comments, inquiries or feedback contact us: contact@xartsplitta.net

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