Information Regarding Barriers

Barriers in our rooms



  • The bell is located at a height of about 140 centimetres and is not specially illuminated.
  • U Bhf Südstern (approx. 300m) has an elevator, U Bhf Hermannplatz (approx. 950m) does as well, but the elevator there is broken more often than not.
  • We are directly at the Hasenheide and the parking situation is quite difficult here.


Ramp at the house entrance:

  • Dimensions: Width 80cm, length 161cm, height 49cm, gradient approx. 17° and 30%.
  • Attached ramp, ends on the right side directly at the wall and on the left side there are stairs.

Dimensions of the doors

  • Entrance: single width 85cm, double-winged door, with assistance hinged to 169cm.
  • All other doors vary between 95cm and 135cm.



Our office is at ground level, except for a 4.2cm threshold to the kitchen.

There is a wheelchair accessible toilet:

  • The area in front of the toilet is 120×120 cm large; the space in front of the sink is 150×150 cm large.
  • The support handles do not protrude beyond the front edge of the toilet.
  • The sink is not accessible by all wheelchairs.


Assistance dogs are welcome to be brought along, we would be happy if you could let us know in advance.

Please contact us if you have further questions or if you need assistance:

Hier kannst du Spenden
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