to dyke_trans: ausstellung


fotos of the exhibition to dyke_trans

the exhibition has been with you, by you for you with you with us for us by us: thanx! thanx to all participating and performing artists: ... Weiterlesen ...

tracing and tearing ways through and with the exhibition

within the process of curating and setting up the exhibition we, lann and ja’n, have been searching for visual and auditory hints to the traces and ... Weiterlesen ...

artists’ (self) presentations

we, ja’n and lann, decided to ask the artists to come up themselves with some kind of self-presentation that they would like to see_read_listen to in ... Weiterlesen ...

traces and fractures through and with the concept: to dyke_trans | dis_visualizing re_locating de_silencing |

to dyke_trans to act | acting | to interact | interacting | acting critically politically reflectively | shaping locations | shaping critical positionings | creating_visualizing_ constructing ... Weiterlesen ...

to dyke_trans: exhibition

the exhibition was part of a larger project – a lab with the title: politicizing trans / trans_forming politics (please find the events blog and documentation ... Weiterlesen ...
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