The Living Archives

The Living Archives is an online platform, which will primarily be used to document, archive and make available knowledge and content, that is generated within BIPoC ... Weiterlesen ...

Deconstruction of Gender Binaries

Ent_2genderung/Deconstruction of gender binaries was a project with different formats that was initiated by by xart splitta in 2013. The ideas of Ent_2genderung are still very ... Weiterlesen ...

#CommunitiesSolidarischDenken – Thinking Communities in Solidarity

Supported by LADS (Berlin State Office for Equal Treatment and against Discrimination of the Senate Department for Justice, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination), our focus from 2020 onwards will ... Weiterlesen ...

DISSOLVING TERRITORIES | cultural geographies of a new eelam

»DISSOLVING TERRITORIES« deals with issues of exile, displacement and statelessness from a specifically Eelam-Tamil perspective. This series seeks to bring these realities and lived experiences into ... Weiterlesen ...

Turning Pages

Turning Pages is a collection of 14 works of art: Painted, drawn, designed, photographed, texted, staged. These were published by xart splitta in 2014, to: Challenge ... Weiterlesen ...


xart splitta is planning, organizing, performing, doing, supporting and collecting projects and ideas for projects which are trans_x_ing realities_spaces_actions_life in many different ways. one of our ... Weiterlesen ...
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